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Silkroad is Retained by Xi'an International Business Forum
Views:   Release time:2012-07-12 00:00

Silkroad has been retained by Xi'an International Business Forum (“XIBF”) as legal counsel to provide legal advice to XIBF as well as its individual members.
XIBF was established in 2006 and aimed at promoting the foreign investment and business activities in Shaanxi Province. So far, XIBF has become the most influential business organization and communication platform for the foreigners and foreign investors/enterprises in Shaanxi. The members consist of corporate and individuals, and almost all of the foreign investment enterprises in Shaanxi are the active members of XIBF.
Silkroad is the only law firm which is capable to provide high end legal services to foreign investors in English in Northwest China. Foreign investment is one of the core business of Silkroad. This cooperation with XIBF will enable foreign investors gain a comprehensive understanding of our proficiency.

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