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Silkroad is experienced in dealing with the complicated systems in PE Investment practices and agreements and optimizing our clients’ interest. 

Representative Cases

an international asset management company in its investment in a mining company in the form of convertible bonds;

? CCB International and Credit Suisse in their investment in an company listed in Hong Kong;

? Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Asia in investing in a real estate investment company;

? a strategic investment company in investing in a restaurant chain;

? Reed Elsevier Ventures 2006 Partnership L.P. in investing in an online content provider for academic journals;

? an international asset management company in investing in Mingyang Group;

? a Hong Kong capital in investing in an education group;

? a Hong Kong capital in its capital withdrawal from a coal & chemical company in Shanxi Province;

? an asset management company in investing in a recycling energy corporation (Shaanxi Province).

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